Another Planning Approval by our architects in Wandsworth, London

Posted on October 17, 2014 · Posted in Planning Permissions, Uncategorized

Yesterday Wandsworth’s Planning Committee granted Full Planning Permission for this stunning new house in Rockland Road, Wandsworth, London. It has been designed by London architects 4D Studio and follows last month’s planning successes where the same committee granted Full Planning Permission for two new houses elsewhere in the Borough of Wandsworth.

The report to committee by the Planning Officers was, in supporting the planning application, highly complementary about the 4D Studio’s house design and I set out below some of the statements made in their formal report.

“Overall, with its use of good contemporary design, fitting scale and palette of appropriate materials, the proposal would address the currently awkward street scene and replace the existing unappealing building with one that would add visual interest to a currently unremarkable site.”

“The proposed house would comfortably exceed the minimum size guidelines for a four-bedroom dwelling, and would include a generous layout”

 “The architectural approach and design rationale for the proposal is to give the new house the appearance of a coach house to the larger property (27 Oxford Road). The coach house aesthetic is achieved using a contemporary design, which through the vertically emphasised gable successfully references Victorian architecture characteristic of the area while avoiding pastiche. The scheme strongly explores and addresses good quality architectural design – it does this with balance, considering the constraints of the site itself and conservation area setting.”

 “The proposed design presents a considered and rationalised scheme and the use of London stock brick, slate and timber would relate well to the character of the surrounding built environment.”

 “Although larger than the existing building, the form and scale of the proposed would fit comfortably within the rhythm of the street.”

 “The overall height, form and massing has resulted in a scheme that creates a visually harmonious relationship between the building and its surroundings.”



Proposed new house in Rockland Road, Wandsworth


Proposed new house in Rockland Road, Wandsworth


The existing house to be demolished and replaced


The existing house to be demolished and replaced