Hillingdon Planners Recommend Approval

Posted on September 8, 2020 · Posted in Architecture, London, Planning Permissions, Uncategorized

The challenge has been to convert a 1980’s office building into 29 attractive residential apartments.

Allport House comprises a former 2-storey office building. The application site is located outside Uxbridge town centre within Cowley Business Park which is an established office park approximately two miles south of Uxbridge town centre. It is accessed via Cowley Road. It site is flanked by Fray’s River to the west. The western boundary of the site adjoins River Frays which is a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) and it is an area that forms a Green Chain link.



To allow for plenty of natural light and fresh air in what is an existing deep plan space we have opened up the centre of the building to provide an attractive multi level courtyard.

The existing building is the lowest on the Cowley Estate and we propose to remove the roof and construct an additional floor with rooms in a new attic roof so bringing the building in line withy the height of other buildings nearby.

The building will also be remodelled to look like a residential building instead of a business park office.

The Report to the Planning Committee contains the following conclusion:

No objections are raised to the principle of the development which would provide a net addition of new residential units and family sized units. The development would provide satisfactory living accommodation for future occupants and would not have any significant detrimental impact on the residential amenity of neighbouring properties. The development is considered to be a visually acceptable form and the increase in soft landscaping would improve the setting of the building. The development would have no significant adverse impacts on the local highway network.

The development is considered to comply with relevant local, London Plan and national planning policies and guidance and, accordingly, approval is recommended subject to a Section 106 legal agreement.