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Hurlingham Club, West Wing Redevelopment Proposals.

By September 24, 2018July 12th, 2023No Comments
Hurlingham Club, West Wing

Hurlingham Club West Wing Discussion Group have just published the design proposals prepared by 4D Studio architects for the redevelopment of the existing west wing of the club.

Unlike the majority of posts on this web site that focus on projects for home owners this post is about an exciting project on which our major projects division have been working. I justify posting some images here because Hurlingham was originally built in 1706 as a house and although its is now the home of one of the worlds most exclusive clubs its is still essentially a beautiful old house set in a lovely garden.

The garden itself was originally designed by Humphrey Repton and the original house has been much altered including 1906 improvements to the house and grounds that were designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. We are now commissioned by members to prepare design concepts for the major redevelopment of the west wing that can be built while the existing swimming pool remains in use. I hope to publish more once members have considered their options for development.

The images below compare photographs of the club as it exists with photo-montages of key views of the designs 4D Studio have proposed.

The existing entrance in the Horse Shoe Courtyard. The wall was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens



The proposed entrance in the Horse Shoe Courtyard and the proposed new west wing development with its spectacular glazed entrance and central staircase in the background.

The existing view of Hurlingham’s “Little Wimbledon’ with the existing swimming pool and spectacular lime trees in the background.


The proposed view of Hurlingham’s “Little Wimbledon’. The existing swimming pool and spectacular lime trees will be retained by a new development that replaces the old squash courts that is in-keeping with the historic country house.


The existing view of the Rose Court with the wonderful wisteria pergola walkway and the spectacular lime trees on the left.


The proposed view of the new West wing from across the Rose Court. The existing landscape and courtyard geometry are preserved are the wisteria walkway and the  lime trees.