New Apartments in Wimbledon

Posted on October 27, 2017 · Posted in Uncategorized

4D Studio have secured permitted development approval for three apartments in the centre of Wimbledon.

In securing the permitted development approval for three flats in an existing office building we were required to ensure that the proposal complied with flooding contamination and existing noise impact requirements

The site has been in B1 Office use since its completion in 1990. In addition, the change of use will not require any groundworks that might result in the creation of new pollutant linkages between contaminants in soil or groundwater (if present) and end users of the site. We were able to demonstrate that the site is therefore not at risk of contamination.

Noise impacts from surrounding commercial uses 

The site is located adjacent to the rear of commercial units along Hartfield Road as well as a medical centre which is situated on the corner of Graham Road and Hartfield Road. The rest of Graham Road is predominantly residential in nature.

The commercial uses along Hartfield Road are small scale and occupy ground floor units; uses include A1 retail units, restaurants, coffee shops, estate agencies, and offices. The small scale of these commercial units and the separation distance provided by the access roads and back yards would prevent them from having any significant material impacts on the living conditions of future occupants at the application site. Also, the nearest  restaurant and café uses are all subject to licensing restrictions to prevent disturbance to neighbouring residents during anti-social hours.

In light of the above, no commercial premises needed to be assessed as part of this application, and there was no noise nuisance to take into account.