New housing in Staines Upon Thames

Posted on May 14, 2018 · Posted in Architecture, Uncategorized

Here at 4D Studio we are pleased to be able to say that on the same weekend that our development of 10 apartments at 10A Thames Street was finished and held a marketing day we are able to publish the concept designs for our next architectural proposal for Staines.

Shown here is one of two buildings proposed at Two Rivers. It comprises a distinctive modern stepped building of one and two storeys. The proposed residential accommodation of 5 apartments is an entirely appropriate land use and with the environmental improvements proposed to the open space adjoining the new buildings will reinforce the area’s character

This new building steps from two storeys to one as it progresses across the site. The combination of scales marries the existing relatively large commercial buildings close by with the smaller scale of the two storey buildings that are located in the conservation area.