Ambulatory Diagnostic Centre West Middlesex University Hospital

The ADC will comprise four core components:

  • Imaging and Diagnostic Radiology
  • Oncology Day unit (providing 100% increase in current capacity)
  • Renal Dialysis unit (providing 70% increase in capacity)
  • Education and Training / L&D

The facility is required to address the need to provide care closer to home for patients. It will repatriate cancer and renal patients currently travelling away from Hounslow for their care.

It will respond to increasing demand for services in line with demographic growth and borough needs analysis.

It is intended to be a discrete centre with separate access but flexibility of connection to main hospital.

Areas of the existing estate provide a poor patient environment and need to be urgently improved. The ADC will address many of the elements of existing hospital estate that are substandard.

Benefits for Patients and Staff

The ADC will allow the Hospital Trust to deliver high quality, efficient and safe clinical services to address the following:

  • Increased capacity to accommodate population growth and demand for local services for Hounslow residents.
  • Ageing local population and health profile points to high incidence of renal disease and frailty related sickness.
  • Repatriate residents & patients that are currently travelling out of area for services – care closer to home (renal & cancer care).
  • Significantly improved patient and staff environment, compliant with current standards, future proofed and state of the art training facilities.
  • Physical separation of planned and unplanned hospital care – clinical efficiencies and learning from COVID: importance of separate patient pathways to reduce infection risk.
  • Space released in main hospital building – expansion of key areas e.g. A&E.

Key aims and benefits

  • To deliver the benefits of care closer to resident’s homes, and to cater for increased demand for renal, oncology and haematology patients, plus additional diagnostics, and imaging capacity.
  • To liberate space in main hospital required for the reconfiguration and expansion of UTC, Emergency Department & Endoscopy.
  • Provide improved facilities for education and training, clinical meeting rooms and flexible administrative workspaces.
  • Relocate some non-clinical services out of the West Mid main hospital building – freeing up space for an additional inpatient ward. Also, by relocating imaging modalities to the new ADC, in turn utilising vacated space.
  • To extend and expand ambulatory and diagnostic services, including facilities for Cancer treatment, in line with the Long-Term Plan and NW London strategy
  • Align with the current NWL diagnostic hub plans which has 2 x additional MRIs based at West Mid site from April 2021.
  • Increase WMUH’s imaging capacity in line projected activity and remove reliance on outsourced imaging providers.