For Foyleside Limited

More than just a shopping centre

Foyleside retail centre in Derry

The Foyleside retail centre in Derry is more than just a shopping mall. As intended it has played a role in reconciling communities by providing a shared space where people from different backgrounds can interact, shop, and socialize. Foyleside retail centre is in the heart of Derry and attracts visitors from all sections of the community. It provides a neutral and inclusive environment where people can come together regardless of their religious or political affiliations.


Foyleside Ltd commissioned first a masterplan, then a design, for a new regional shopping mall. The resulting scheme accommodates a prominent and steeply sloping site overlooking the River Foyle. Our design strategy made use of the opportunity to link two of the city wall’s original gateways and the bus and coach station.

The resulting mixed-use scheme comprising 250,000 sq. ft of retailing anchored by Dunnes, Marks & Spencer and Debenhams; 60,000 sq. ft of new office accommodation; and two multistorey car parks with a total of 1,200 spaces.

While the Foyleside retail centre alone cannot solve all the deep-rooted issues dividing communities in Derry, it contributes to a broader process of reconciliation by creating spaces and opportunities for interaction, economic integration, and cultural exchange. It is through sustained efforts across various sectors, including business, government, and community organizations, that lasting reconciliation and community cohesion can be achieved in Derry.

The development has become an exemplar, with developers and local authorities visiting Foyleside when planning major projects of their own.