West Middlesex University Hospital

West Middlesex University Hospital

Following extensive Urban Design and Masterplanning work undertaken by the architects and urban designers of our Healthcare Studio the long-term development proposals for West Middlesex Hospital have been written into the current Hounslow Local Plan.

  • New Ambulatory & Diagnostic Oncology Centre.
  • New multi-storey car park, connected to main hospital building.
  • Mixed-use scheme; inc: new affordable residential housing, office building and commercial.
  • Residential family units for key workers.
  • Residential scheme at rear of hospital and adjacent to new ADC oncology unit.
  • Relocated maternity centre with direct link to main hospital and multi-storey car park.
  • New residential quarter at the site of the former maternity unit.
  • Site for possible hospital extension as well as residential accommodation

There are currently approximately 850 surface car parking spaces on the site and the thought is that by consolidating a significant number of these in multi-storey car parks the surface parking sites will become available for development. Hounslow will seek to minimise any extra car parking for the new uses and for visitors, while ensuring that bus facilities are good and cycle and pedestrian access is attractive and easy to use.

The first stage of development comprises the oncology centre for which we have prepared RIBA Stage Work Stage 2 Designs that are featured in the Healthcare section of this web site.

The masterplan anticipates development over a 15-year period to provide 500 homes for key workers together with office accommodation for the hospital administration, a maternity hospital, and an Ambulatory Diagnostic Centre (oncology) unit.

The masterplan proposals are for the phased development of the ‘opportunity’ sites at West Middlesex Hospital in the London Borough of Hounslow. Several of these sites are surface car parks and others will be made available as existing redundant buildings are demolished with their use transferred to new buildings.

New development will comprise a mix of residential accommodation for key workers and affordable housing, some office accommodation to house existing administrative staff who will relocate from other sites and local retailing. There would be 400 to 500 residential units, 2000 sq. m. of office accommodation, 1900 sq. m of retail space and some increase in car parking on site.