Working with Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust

West Middlesex University Hospital

4D Studio are Architect for a large portfolio of work for the NHS Trust. We have undertaken a variety of projects over the last 8 years and continue to work with the Trust.

2016-2017Elizabeth Suite, CWH Fulham: Fast track conversion of management suites to Gynaecology Ward plus additional bed spaces, isolation rooms for winter flu epidemic.

2018 – ongoing: West Middlesex University Hospital (CWH): 10-year master plan to provide 500 homes for key workers, office accommodation, a maternity hospital, Ambulatory Diagnostic Centre (oncology) unit.

2018-2019: Ambulatory Care Ward CWH Fulham: Creation of Major Dependency Unit

2018-2019: Mortuary CWH Fulham. Convert existing mortuary to part mortuary with locker/changing room and two lecture/ office spaces that can become one.

2020-2021: Emergency Department CWH Fulham. Fast track extension of Ambulatory Care and Triage within Resus due to the pandemic to provide isolation rooms and sterile staff facilities.

2020-2021: Ambulatory Diagnostic Centre, West Middlesex Hospital: RIBA Stage 2 design for major oncology centre.

2022-ongoing: Research Laboratory CWH Fulham. Relocation of laboratory

2022-ongoing: SSC Fulham: Refurbishment and upgrade of the fifth-floor hospital accommodation.

2022-ongoing: CWH Fulham. New reception, counselling suite, pharmacy, phlebotomy rooms, and ancillary accommodation

2023 – Hammersmith Broadway. Re-design existing waiting area to incorporate 2 new clinical rooms and re-design of the existing Reception area on first floor.

2023 – Hammersmith Broadway. Re-design existing WC to a wet testing room.

2023 – CWH Fulham: ED Mental Health rooms. Reconfiguration of Mental Health rooms within the Emergency Department and reconfigure existing rooms into general physical health cubicles.

“Architecture is the thoughtful curation of space, blending artistry and functionality to shape our built environment.”

John Doe, Architectural Digest