Virginia Water: The first and only £1m town in the UK

Posted on August 28, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

Heady news for 4D Studio residential architects who according to the latest Zoopla Property Rich List, are working on projects  in the first and only town in the UK where average house prices top £1 million.

The property website’s 2013 Rich List also revealed that there are now 323,684 homes across the UK worth £1 million and above, a 32% rise from 2012, suggesting that the top end of the market remains unaffected by austerity measures and on-going economic malaise.

Virginia Water itself has seen a 6% rise in property prices over the pay year with homes on Portnall Rise, located on the exclusive Wentworth Estate, changing hands for a staggering average of £4.3 million. Property values in these super prime areas are astronomically high and have risen substantially in the past year.  Only the super wealthy can entertain the notion of living on the most expensive streets.

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