New Hounslow Landmark.

New Hounslow Landmark

Major Projects, Residential

This ten-storey high mixed-use town centre scheme comprises new D1 D2 space as a gymnasium at ground floor fronting London Road with residential accommodation on 9 upper floors. The entrances to the residential accommodation will be via a prominent street entrance on London Road. the gymnasium will also occupy part of the basement.

A vibrant active frontage will be created by the residential entrance, the gym entrance, visitors cycle parking and an accessible public promenade across the whole site.

Service vehicles will be accommodated in a basement garage that will also accommodate parking spaces for the disabled, and the public fitness centre and gymnasium.

Sixty-Seven residential apartments are proposed as follows:

1 bedroom, 2 person flat x 22

2 bedroom, 4 person flat x 38

3 bedroom, 4 person flat X 7


The London Borough of Hounslow has itself identified the site as being in an area in which tall buildings are appropriate.

The approach from the east along London Road to Hounslow town centre is marked by a series of tall buildings up to 10 storeys high and this proposal would be in keeping with this prominent morphology.

The site is located in the context of existing and proposed tall buildings some of which are under construction immediately to the west on London Road and the proposed development will be part of a cluster of tall buildings.

Hounslow has used the ratio of open space in front of the building on London Road to justify the height of the 10 storey Silchester Apartments to the east. The same ratio applies to this proposal and the same height is proposed.

Certain other London Boroughs (e.g. Islington and Tower Hamlets) are establishing the height of proposed tall buildings by reference to the prevailing contextual height in an area – this method would also justify a 10 storey high building.

The proposal accords with the criteria set out in the Local Plan Policy on Tall Buildings.

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